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"Successful Wall Street Trader Stan Moore can show you how to read the Futures market like a road map.....and he will personally teach you to do it during live market trading"

"Rhythm of the Markets" has been endorsed by some of the top trading professionals and trading teachers in the country...

From CJ Comerford:

"I first met Stan Moore at a "technicians conference" in Florida on January 20, 2006.  I give you the date because it was an incredible day in the markets.  It's also how Stan made his first impression on me, and many others as well.

The "trader" hosting the conference had billed this day as one during which he and Stan would trade live expiration week OEX options.  He calls these options "White Lightning."  There were almost 200 of us waiting for this to happen.  I don't think anyone ever attempted to trade options, live, the last day of the month. 

There were endless data and computer glitches.  Then suddenly everything was working, and the S&P's had gapped 5 points higher.  Stan explained it was expiration related only. But sadly, our bullish host decided there would be no trading.  He said it was no big deal anyway because it would likely be a flat market from here.  I was crushed.  There was a groan in the crowd.   Indeed, it felt like most of us came to see Stan trade options real-time.

That morning there was also news about Iran, and it didn't sound good.   The host explained we don't trade news, that it didn't matter.  Audience agreed.  He then explained his method for a few minutes . . .

Then he let Stan speak.

Stan stood up, and everything changed.  In no uncertain terms, he reeled off the news about Iran, why it was bad, what it meant for the markets, why it wasn't priced in to the markets, and what would probably happen.  This too he explained in no uncertain terms: the markets were priced for perfection.  Since it was options expiration, if the S&P were to break down from current levels, it would break hard because the professionals would sell it to make all the outstanding calls go out worthless.  He gave a specific level, that if violated, would send the market that day into a free-fall.

In front of 200 people that had just heard this would likely be a flat day, this was a lot of interesting information.

I don't think he wanted to embarrass his host.  He said if you put a gun to his head he would buy puts. Then he outlined the "best" Risk/Reward trade for us to consider doing.  Again, no uncertainty.  Sell 75  E-minis, go long 100 OEX at  the money calls.  They were trading at $1.50.  If the market broke down, he'd likely earn $40-$50,000.  If the market bounced, he could make $5-$10,000.  And if it stayed where it was for next 2 hours, he'd lose $5000.  Given the news, the latter wasn't even remotely possible.

Notice what's going on here: fundamentals, news, tactics, technicals, money management, risk control, expectations.  All in about 30 seconds.  I now know, that's exactly how fast his mind works.

There was a shift in the room.  Everyone was stunned.  Who is this guy?  It was incredible.  Hands went up.  Everyone wanted to know more.  I wanted to know more!  But our host only wanted to talk more about his own methods.

The market started to break down.

The host took another look at his charts and in a goofy way asked Stan if he wanted to buy calls.  You could tell he was half-serious.  Stan took one look at his own charts and said: "No way.  We're going much lower."

January 20, 2006 -- the day the S&P closed down over 24 points from the opening high, in what was "supposed" to be a flat market. The day you would have made almost $50,000 if you put on the trade Stan suggested and held it into the close, over $80,000 if you did it at the opening.  If you bought $.40 out of the money puts, they closed over $9.00 or 20X's your money.  I thought "Wow, at the very least I could've made 10X's my total risk!  I wanna start right now!"  That was the day I became determined to earn my PhD. in trading with Stan Moore.

So . . . have I graduated yet?  No.  Not even close.  Has it met my expectations?  Ha -- it's exceeded them by multiples.  To trade any other way at this point would seem sophomoric.

Whether you want to be a swing trader, a day trader, or just a better trader, Stan's instruction will help you succeed.  Just one page out of his manual, a single page that took over 2 years to write, is worth his fee alone.  His custom oscillator, a mathematical blend of over 12 different analysis techniques, is worth his fee alone.  His daily instruction and coaching (where else can you tap 40+ years of experience)?  Priceless.

More importantly, he sets up trades well ahead of time to help you earn money while you're learning. "You can earn while you learn" is the way he puts it.  

I've seen his methods ride trends, pocket seemingly endless points from boring range bound days as well as wild, choppy volatility, all with equal aplomb.  He tells when to go for the jugular and when to stand aside.  He doesn't try to impose his will upon the market.  He lets the market tell him what to do.  Best of all, he teaches you how to do it too.  It doesn't happen overnight.  But when it starts happening, when it starts to click, suddenly you realize that you're learning the inside secrets to the greatest, most profitable game in the world".

CJ Comerford

PS: Just had a 5 bagger this week (12/14/06). Thanks Stan!


This was a pleasure to write because it truly recounts the day everything changed for me: I blasted off on a learning curve that's still accelerating. Thanks for all your help this year. It really is better to have a mentor.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and all your family!


From Howard Moore:

I truly enjoy and appreciate your Rhythm of the Markets and Options Magic mentor program.  You cover more aspects of the market than anyone else I have seen: Fundamentals, technicals, entries, targets, in all market conditions including narrow range low volatility days, large gaps, trends and trading ranges.  Where others see little to nothing in a given day with few trade possibilities, you provide extensive, relevant, meaningful commentary supported by the method, with multiple trade opportunities (even on quiet FOMC mornings).  The material is certainly not for the novice or anyone who is not technically inclined or willing to learn and apply the detailed information and multiple indicators, but I enjoy and relate to this aspect, especially since it provides multiple confirmations and greater confidence in a given move. 

Your system is also unique in its ability to profit.  One can trade S&P eminis and/or options.  Your method provides multiple benefits: 

  • Very low, defined risk
    • We are always buying inexpensive options which are close to expiration and slightly out of the money
    • We never sell uncovered options
    • These options have low delta but high gamma when price goes in favor
    • The loss is minimal when price does not go in favor, due to the low delta
    • Your method allows for hedging options with eminis to compensate for the bid-ask spread and provide trades with $0 at risk
  • High reward
    • The opportunity for an ROI of multiple times the amount invested, not just percentages
    • The opportunity to trade multiple times per week
  • Accuracy, with defined entries and exits
    • Your method has the uncanny ability to pick relative tops and bottoms with accuracy exceeding 70-95%
    • Your method provides anticipated areas of exit based on multiple techniques
    • Your method anticipates the duration of a move, whether intraday or multiple days
  • Timeless
    • Your method has withstood the test of time for multiple decades
    • Your method adapts automatically to new market conditions, without having to learn new techniques or methods

One could just not ask for more.  As you say, you have to pinch yourself every week to make sure this is not a dream, but rather is a weekly opportunity to profit significantly from the markets.  I have much more to learn, which I look forward to with your guidance.  Thank you for sharing this program, and for all you do to help me to understand it. 


From the developer of Stochastics, Dr. George Lane:

"I found your book to be very informative. Your methodology uses the mathematics of the market to predict possible price reversal points. The trade entry is then confirmed with stochastics. The combination makes for a good market strategy. The emphasis in the Rhythm of the Markets book is on the S&P futures, but the concepts may be applicable to any futures market. Your time-of-day trades for the S&P are also very insightful and will be of value to S&P traders. I highly recommend your book to all futures traders".

From John Hill of Futures Truth:

"Rhythm of the Markets is a complete trading approach involving some judgment for day trading or longer period trades. It was primarily designed for the S&P, but will work in other markets. Dr. Joe Conway wrote a well- organized and easy to understand book based on the methodology of Wall Street trader, Stan Moore. It is a course that should benefit both the experienced trader and less experienced trader".

From Joe DiNapoli, Fibonacci expert, teacher and trader:

"Rhythm of the Markets is an advanced trading methodology. It provides a predictive road map, particularly for S&P traders. It is a worthwhile study".

From Larry Pesavento, trading expert and teacher:

"I congratulate you on an excellent piece of work. Your time consonance will be a revelation to most S&P traders. Anyone taking your course should learn something. However, it is not for the beginner".

From Dr. Humphrey D. Lloyd

"Occasionally, a book appears that can truly be called "pivotal". I have owned Stan Moore's book for only a couple of weeks, but I am sure I will look back on its arrival and say to myself "that's when I began to understand how the S&P market really behaves". Dr. Joe Conway has synthesized Stan's trading methodology into a great book which could have been called 'Learning the Language of the S&P Market'. It is in my opinion, definitely worth the money.

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